American Inshore Divers Corp.

Experience, Integrity, Safety

Diving Services



Emergency Services Available (24) Hours a day, (7) Days a Week 

  • Underwater Heavy Construction
  • Underwater Welding
  • Underwater Burning
  • Coral Reef Restorations
  • Cable Landings
  • Video Documentations
  • Ship Hull Cleaning
  • Ship Husbandry
  • Manta-Ray Anchor Installations
  • Under Ground Work
  • Utilities Locating
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Power Plant Maintenance
  • Traveling Water Screen Inspection, Maintenance, Repair & Installations
  • Trash Rack Refurbishment and Installation
  • Potable Water Tower Tank Inspection and Cleaning
  • Sediment Dredging by Hand
  • Dam Inspection and Repairs
  • Pipeline Crossing Location and Repair
  • Penetration Dives

Burning Services
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